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What is an online payment gateway?

An online payment gateway allows your website to accept credit cards online. The business you have on your site will need a separate online payment gateway, but you can integrate it into the site as part of your main website that you run. You will likely have a redirect page that directs your visitor to your credit card payment page. This provides your visitors with the information they need when they purchase anything and makes it very easy for your customers to pay.

Credit cards

A credit card payment gateway needs to be capable of processing credit card payments. An online payment gateway also includes things like an escrow system, which prevents buyers from paying before they receive their items. Both these features are great for any online merchant.

The basic functions of an online payment gateway include accepting credit cards, tracking the transactions, and contacting the credit card company. The authentication mechanism you use for credit card payments is very important because it lets your users know that the transactions are secure and your site is secure as well. For example, some companies require your users to enter a security code after entering their card information, so that they can verify that the transaction was legitimate.


There are many types of online payment gateways. Some are traditional for larger companies. Some are more flexible for a company to run its own set of processes.

If you want to get started with an online payment gateway, you may consider a free trial for a day or a week. You will get a chance to see how it works in real life, and then you can choose to either continue or to get out of the program. For most people, this is a good way to explore what an online payment gateway can do.

Another option for a business is to use a hosting solution that provides an online payment gateway. You will have the advantages of having a hosted solution that is open source. This is a big plus for a business because the code and designs are free, and anyone can read them and modify them, adding features as needed.

When looking at options for a business that wants to run its own online payment gateway, you can find a host of options. Some are free, and some are subscription based. You can combine both to get a nice combination that meets your business needs.